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Winter Water Damage and Burst Pipes

Posted by: Mr. Restore
Posted on: Monday December 3, 2018 at 2:50 PM
Winter Water Damage and Burst Pipes With winter weather just around the corner, it is important to begin preparing your home for possible water damage that accompanies cooler weather. Cold weather can lead to burst pipes, which will eventually lead to unexpected water damage. Many people do not continuously monitor their pipes throughout the winter and are left with an unpleasant surprise when a pipe leaks or bursts. Nothing will ruin your winter vacation more than coming home to water damage caused by a burst pipe while you were away. If you take the necessary precautions, you will be able to enjoy the winter holidays with your family without worrying about possible water damage in the freezing weather. Burst PipesThe most common cause of water damage in the winter months are burst pipes. Contrary to popular belief, pipes usually do not burst because of frozen water expanding inside them. Most pipes burst in the winter because an ice blockage causes a buildup of water pressure. This pressure causes the water to expand and the pipe to rupture. The ice blockage usually forms in areas of the home that are not exposed to heat, such as the garage, basement, attic or other exterior parts of the home. When the pipe bursts, it can lead to water leaks and floods in your home that will result in costly water damage. How to Prevent Burst Pipes in the Winter To prevent the chances of a pipe bursting in your home, there are many things you can do. Check all pipes in your home that does not have a consistent heat source and provide some sort of insulation to that pipe. After identifying these locations, you can purchase a pipe sleeve from your local hardware store. These are usually an inexpensive investment that will save you thousands of dollars in possible water damage. You can also prevent burst pipes by ensuring that your home is kept warm throughout the winter. Although costly, if you plan on leaving your home for winter vacation you should continue to keep the heat running. A higher electric or gas bill is a minuscule amount compared to the cost of water damages caused by a burst pipe. In order to keep heat circulated, open the cabinets under your sinks regularly so heat can come in contact with kitchen and bathroom sinks. Be sure to keep your garage door closed throughout the winter to prevent these pipes from bursting. Continue to check your pipes throughout the winter to ensure they are not frozen. If you do notice that a pipe is frozen, you can easily thaw it yourself. Soak a towel in hot water and carefully place it on the frozen pipe. This will help the pipe thaw and prevent it from bursting later.  Unfortunately, even the most prepared homes this winter may suffer from a burst pipe. If you find your home has experienced water damage from a burst pipe or other issues, immediately contact Mr Restore. It is imperative that you contact a restoration professional in the event of water damage in order to prevent further damage. Mr Restore has over 50 years of experience restoring homes back to normal after water damage. Our experienced technicians have the professional-grade equipment to get your home back to normal!