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Water Damage Restoration in Fort Worth

Posted by: Mr. Restore
Posted on: Monday May 21, 2018 at 9:35 AM
Water Damage Restoration in Fort Worth

When you realize that your home is suffering from water damage, it may be tempting to delay the problem or fix it yourself. But we strongly advise you against both these things. You shouldn’t delay the issue the least bit and turn to companies that offer water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX  right away. Don’t even think about handling this on your own because there is no way that you can deal with mould and other aftereffects. Water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX isn’t a DIY project and is best left for the pros.

Considering the stats, the insurance claims for water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX  exceed $2.5 billion yearly. So if you aren’t covered, costs would be a concern.  But let’s not forget that delaying the problem will incur even greater costs than right now. And by the way, Mr. Restore  charges quite reasonably for water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX  while offering topnotch quality.

If you leave the problem unresolved, you expose yourself to numerous risks like electric fires, drywall damages, and a degraded home structure. Your health is also at risk if water damage has paved way for mould and fungal growth. So, hire an expert that can deal with water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX,  and let them address each and every aspect of the problem.

The Dangers Involved

You’re putting your heath at risk if you don’t avail services that offer  water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX. The issue is of great severity and can have harsh consequences. Humidity is the ideal environment for mould and dust mites to breed in and spread rapidly. If you suffer from allergy or asthma, this would affect you significantly, and may even lead to worsened symptoms. Mold is also known to cause fungal infections, respiratory issues and in extreme cases, even infertility and cancer.

Mould growth is initialed in only 8 hours, so avail water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX  as soon as you spot any potential signs.

Common Causes

The most common causes of water damage are outlined below.

Broken Pipes

The pipes of your plumbing system may break down due to numerous reasons. Sometimes, this is because of freezing temperatures but in other cases, it’s simply because the pipes have worn out, and are beyond their useful life.

Flooded Appliances

Appliances help us in so many ways, but in certain cases they can lead to water damage as well.  If your toilet overflows, your dishwater leaks and your bathtub run over because of a faulty drain, then you’d be faced with water damage. Your washing machine can also cause flooding if the supply line breaks away, and so can your hot water heaters and cooling units.

Generally, you can avoid flooded applications if you replace appliances when they are towards the end of their useful life. If you still continue to use them even after their usable life is over, they would perform an inefficiently, causing your bills to rise and put you at a risk of water damage.

Natural Disasters

If you live in an area where weather conditions are extreme, and floods and storms are common, you’re likely to suffer from water damage. Should this be the case, immediately take help from companies offering water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX.  The problem is more severe if it’s caused by a natural disaster.

Sewer Issues

Tree roots can block drains and affect performance of your sewage system, leading to backups. They are also common after a natural disaster hits the area. This has negative consequences for your health so you should call us at Mr. Restore right away.

Damage Categories

Water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX  can be classified into different categories, based on the severity. For instance, Category 1 means that your damage is minimum and it doesn’t pose immediate health risks. Let’s understand all of three of them in greater detail.

Category 1

The first category refers to seemingly simpler issues liked a flooded washing machine or bathtub overflow. In this case, Mr. Restore  will follow a simple process because water in lower quantities has been absorbed within the area, and thus, the situation is easier to deal with.

Category 2

Also called gray water, the water in this category isn’t clean and exposes you to health problems if you come in contact. In this case, you may have to replace your furniture, flooding and some affected appliances after availing services related to water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX.

Category 3

This is the worst category of all three, termed as black water. Generally caused by sewage overflows, the water in this category is extremely dangerous and doesn’t only lead to health risks, but also affects the structural integrity of your house.

Types of water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX

Generally, a company that offers water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX  would break down their services into the following main modules.

Mold cleanup

When cleaning up mold, the first and foremost step is to identify and the resolve the leakage. Unless this is done, mold will continue to grow in the area. We’ll also ensure that the affected space is properly ventilated so that condensation, another cause of mold growth, can be prevented. Once done, we’ll take steps to clean up the mold.


In this process, we’ll eliminate moisture from the affected area, but like with mold cleanup, we’ll find the leakage source first. If we have any trouble in locating this, we may a use a moisture map for the purpose.

When the primary cause has been fixed, we’ll use state of the art dehumidifiers and fans to dry the area completely and quickly, minimizing the damage.


Mr. Restore  offers both residential and commercial water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX. Our quick response and quality services have satisfied thousands of clients. Visit our website for further details.